Start Broadcasting From a PC

Setup SimpleCast Encoder for SHOUTcast Server

After you set up a streaming server account you need to download any stream client for windows. Download SimpleCast Client for this tutorial

  • Click on Encoders button in SimpleCast
  • In the Encoders window click on the ‘+’ button (add encoder)
  • Select MP3 and mp3PRO and Click OK

Note: You may use the legacy ACM MP3 encoder but it is not recommended. Configurations below for MP3 and mp3PRO encoder apply.

  • MP3 (PRO) Encoder & Streamer Configuration

On the Converter tab

  • Set Quality to Medium
  • Under Format select the format that matches what you purchased from your stream host provider such as
  • Check Auto Start encoder after 5 Seconds
  • Uncheck ‘Allow scripts in stream’. Note: This will cause problems with stream.

Server Details tab

  • Server type is SHOUTcast
  • Server Details
  • Enter Host in Server IP field
  • Enter Port in Server Port field
  • Enter password in password field

Station Details Tab

  • Type in your Station Name
  • Select the genre from the drop-down box or type in your own.

Note: you may type in more than one genre comma separated.

  • Type in your website URL
  • Enter AIM ID (optional)
  • Enter ICQ # (optional)
  • Enter IRC Channel (optional)
  • Check ‘List on public station listing (recommended)

Note: this will list your station at

  • Check ‘Enable title streaming’ and be sure that $combine$ is in the field below ‘Enable title streaming’ to display titles.
  • Click OK

Your Encoder should now say ‘encoded (#) and streamed (#). Setup SHOUTcast Statistic Relay


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