Download our Live Broadcasting Client

Our VoiceStream Broadcasting Client App

The VoiceStream Broadcasting Client App is a live audio streaming feature available, at no cost to all our members. Stream Monster eliminates the hassle of broadcasting live events from remote locations. The only requirement is to install the VoiceStream Mobile App to your smartphone or tablet.

Shout cast Broadcasting Client App
Hardware broadcasting client Icecast and Shout cast

Voice Stream Broadcaster

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Hi Definition Audio Broadcaster

Voice Stream Broadcaster

Live audio broadcaster. No computer or configuration required. Full Plug and Play. Broadcast from any remote location .

Revenue Panel

Monetize Your Station

Earning revenue will be much easier as a result of our Ad Managment System in correlation with our Broadcast Directory.

Sample profile page

Directory Inclusion

Enjoy no cost inclusion in our open Broadcasting Directory. Instantly expose your broadcast to a wider audience on smart TV and mobile devices.

More Features

Advantages of using Stream Monster :

No Website Required:

Web Profile including Live web player, Commercial Buy Page, Blog Post, Broadcast Schedule, Event Calendar and more.

Mobile Broadcast Client App:

Broadcast Live High Definition Audio accessible from your mobile device. No configuration required.

Live Audio Recording:

Auto Record and upload your audio to your website for playback and podcasting

Wowza Video Broadcasting:

High quality video broadcasting . Broadcast your video through the most reliable CDN technology.

AutoDJ and Live Stream:

Prevent idle broadcast link. AutoDJ allows you to upload your content and have our system broadcast it for you!

ShoutCast Server:

Full support for ShoutCast v.1 and v.2. You will be given the option to submit your live broadcast to the ShoutCast Directory automatically. (Fully endorsed by VoiceStream Broacaster)

IceCast Server :

Full support for all IceCast Standard and KH Build.
(Fully Supported by VoiceStream Broacaster)

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